Tour to 60 Road

60 Road Street located outside from Siem Reap city. This places similar to Pub-Street but this place different because 60 Road Street not the place for tourists at all as this place local people go sightseeing in late evening and night to get the fresh air outside from city and  It’s a glorious evening street market lining both sides of the road. It runs from evening around 6:00pm (maybe earlier) until well in the evening. The road starts with small fruit stalls with piles of fruit laying on plastic on the ground. Maybe some of the more exotic fruits (such as jack fruit) and lots of selling fried snakes, crickets, beetles, spiders, and other insects  (popular for local people buy and eat) on trays balanced on the top of boxes, bins, anything really. But most is just at ground level.

After a bit the market changes character. It becomes a clothes and tat area. The stalls sell everything from Children toys, jeans to bags to shoes to bracelets to … well … just about anything really and further more along still it breaks again into food stalls. Grilled sausages, corn, barbecue stands. This is window shopping without windows.

You will see also people sitting on mats along the side of the road as they having picnic in the group of family or friends next to the play grounds for children playing like amusement Disneyland Park.

The reason for which so many local people decide to hang out in this precise area is the beautiful sunset sky or night it offers, as there is no building around to block the view.

***This tour more fun experience and interesting beside temples and city and if you want to see sunset over there it can avoid from crowded tourists also.

If there is any way of squeezing it into your itinerary, it is well worth it!

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