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  1. Kravan
    Kravan says:

    Fantastic Experience with private entrance
    We were very lucky to book this tour and got David to guide us through the history of the Angkor Empire. On the two day tour we saw on the first day the sunrise over Angkor Wat from a private spot along with only a handful of other visitors. Far away from the masses we got the opportunity to take great pictures without the fight for a good spot. After Angkor we stopped at a few smaller temples without any other tourist and than moved on to Bayon, Ta Prohm and Banteay Srei. Every time David choose to avoid the main entrance and led us through a different way into the temple, all the while educating and entertaining us with jokes, lively history and myths about the Khmer culture and religion. He always knew the best spots to take great photo and get us privacy in these overrun tourist attractions. On day two we went to Kampong Khleang Floating village. However, on the way we had first a test to show that we listened to the lessons the day before. David asked questions and our kids couldn’t get enough of it – big fun. After that, we got a captivating accountabout the time of the Khmer Rouge and could than relax on our boat tour through the floating village. The final stop Beng Mealea was breathtaking. Again we took a way into the temple, nobody else took and so we had large parts of it just for us. We would highly recommend to book with Best Angkor Guide and ask for David as your guide.


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